Ream’s Top Deals August 29 – Sept 3


Local Utah Corn on the Cob $3/doz

Green River Watermelon 29 cents/lb

Honeydew or Cantaloupe Melons 39 cents/lb

Dole 8-12 oz Spinach or Bagged Salads $1.67

Stone’s 80% Lean Ground Beef Patties $2/lb

Stone’s Fresh 93% Extra Lean Ground Beef $2.99/lb

Western Family 32 oz Cheddar Cheese Shredded or Brick $3.99

Lay’s, Cheetos or Fritos 8-10.25 oz Chips $1.77 (when you buy 3)

Western Family 16 oz Butter $2.99

Crest 6.4 oz Tooth paste $1.67

24 ct Western Family Cutlery 69 cents

Mr Dee’s 21-26 oz Frozen Potatoes $1.25

Western Family 16 oz Sour Cream 99 cents

Vlassic 16-24 oz Pickles $1.50



Allen’s Top Deals – August 29-September 5


Fresh Local Corn on the Cob $2.95/doz

Beef Petite Sirloin Steaks $2.95/lb

Stone’s 5 lb 80%Lean Beef Patties $10 ($2/lb)

Green River Seedless Watermelon 25 cents/lb

Whole Ripe Cantaloupe 37 cents/lb

Oakdell 5 dozen Medium Eggs $2.95

Western Family 8 ct Hamburger or Hotdog Buns 77 cents

Bar S 16 oz Franks 77 cents

Western Family 14 oz Yellow Mustard or 20-24 oz Ketchup 77 cents

Western Family 10-18 oz BBQ Sauce or Relish 77 cents

Kraft 30 oz Mayonaise $2

Western Family 24 ct/16.9 oz Purified Water Bottles $1.67

Creamies 6 ct Ice Cream Bars $2

Fritos 9 oz Dip or Lays, Fritos or Cheetos 8-10.25 oz Chips $1.77 (must be purchased in multiples of 3)

Duncan Hines Brownie or Cake Mix 15.25-19.95 oz 77 Cents

Duncan Hines 15-16 oz Frosting 99 cents




Maceys Buy 6 Save $3 Sale – August 29-Sept 5


Buy 6 Save $3 (Mix & Match participating items in multiples of 6)

American Beauty 12 oz Pasta 49 cents

Gogo Squeez 4 pk 3.2 oz Apple Sauce 99 cents

Bumble Bee 3.5 oz Chicken on Tuna Snack on the Run Packs 99 cents

Del Monte 4 pk/4 oz or 2 pk/7 oz Fruit Cups $1.49

Tree Top 64 oz JuiceBlends $1.49

Best Foods 30 oz Mayo $2.99

Jif 28 oz Peanut Butter $2.99

Minute 12-14 oz Instant Rice 99 cents

Uncle Bens 6-8.8 oz Instant Rice Dinners 99 cents

Krusteaz 14-15.5 oz Baking Mixes 99 cents

Hefty 50 ct Plates, 30 ct Cups or 20 ct Storage Bags 99 cents

Ziploc 90 ct Easy Tabs Sandwich Bags $2.49

Franz 13-24 oz English Muffins or 22.25-24 oz Bread $1.49

Western Family 24 ct/16.9 oz Bottles Purified Water $1.75

Dole 15 oz Mandarin Orange Segments or 20 oz Pineapple 99 cents

Maceys Top Deals -August 29-Sep 5


Oakdell 5 dozen Medium Eggs $2.99

Ground Beef Patties 80% Lean $1.99/lb

Tyson Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.89/lb

Farm Bread 8 ct Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns 88 cents

Pace 16 oz Salsa $1.67

Western Family 7-8 oz Shredded Cheese $1.25

Crest 6.4 oz Toothpaste $1.67

Duncan Hines 15.25-19.95 oz Brownie or Cake Mix 88 cents

Lays, Fritos or Cheetos 8-10.25 oz Chips $1.77 (must purchase in multiples of 3)

Buyers Best 20-32 oz Frozen Potatoes 99 cents

Krusteaz 10lb Pancake Mix or Mrs. Butterworth’s 2pk/64 oz Syrup $5.99

Vlassic 16-24 oz Pickles $1.50

Propel 6pk Half Liter Flavored Water Bottles $3.50

Hershey’s or Mars Standard Size Candy Bars 2/88 cents

Pictsweet 12 oz Frozen Vegetables 99 cents


Einstein Bagels- $7 Mondays


EINSTEINeinstein $7 mondays

As of today, August 8th, Einstein Bagels has changed their special to $7 Monday promotion where every Monday you can get a Bakers dozen Bucket of Bagels (13 bagels) for only $7. If you would like to add the smear they are $2.99 each. This is a great deal for these yummy bagels.  My current personal favorite is the french toast bagel with maple smear.

And here is a post we did on Making Your Own Schmear!

Free Entrance to National Parks – This Weekend – August 25th-28th

Photograph by Brian B. Roanhorse, taken on June 18, 2015

Need something fun outdoors to do with your family this weekend?  Starting today August 25th and going through Sunday August 28th you can get free entrance to participating National Parks.  Check out the list of participating parks here.

We did this a few years ago and hit both Bryce Canyon and Zion’s.  Saving us $60 in entrance fees. The remaining scheduled free days for this year are: September 24th and November 11th.

Click Here for a list of all of the National Parks in Utah.  Have Fun Exploring!


Smith’s Free Friday Download: Free Carmex Lip Care Product Single Pack

Carmex Single Pack

Today only, go and download the coupon for a FREE Carmex Lip Care Product Single Pack.  You have until midnight tonight to load it to your card and until September 11th to use it!  Click on the image above or CLICK HERE to download the coupon now!

My husband and I both have a Smith’s account so we can double up on Hot offers, free Friday Downloads, and things like diapers.


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