Chick-fil-A 2016 Calendars Are On Sale Now In-Stores – ONLY $7 – (Monthly Free Item Coupon Offers)


Starting November 1st, most of the Chick-fil-A Stores nationwide have started selling their famous Chick-fil-A Calendars for $7.  The calendar is funny pictures of cows promoting Chick-fil-A but the HOT! deal about these calendars are the FREE monthly coupon offers; one for each month.

For example, there are offers like:

A Large Coca-Cola Drink and Large Waffle Fries

A Large Coca-Cola Drink

A Chick-fil-A Sandwich and More!

All of the coupons are for FREE ITEMS (no purchase necessary) with the activated calendar card and you have the whole month to use the monthly offers.  I know as a mom when I am out grocery shopping and running errands sans kids I like to grab a bite to eat or a drink.  I am also getting one for my daughter’s preschool teacher who loves Diet Coke and Chick-fil-A.

I called all of the locations in the Provo/Orem area and all of them from the Orem Mall to the NEW Spanish Fork location are selling them.

So if you want one, don’t wait and go get yours!


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