Smith’s: Digital Coupons to Save You 20% on Gift Cards (Plus 4x the Fuel Points on Gift Cards Right Now)


Want to save more on Gift Cards or use them to make your dollar stretch this Christmas?  Smith’s has you covered with four different gift card deals.  When you go download the coupons you can get 20% one Old Navy, Gap, Gap Options, or Banana Republic Gift Cards and since all of these stores are owned by the same company they can all be used at all the other locations (including Athleta or Piperlime).  How cool is that!?  The coupon expire on December 1st so you will have to buy your gift cards by then.

***In order to use your 20% off coupon you will have to purchase them in the store.

GO HERE to download your Gift Card Coupons.  And when you buy one of these $50 gift cards at checkout you will only end up paying $40.

And when you buy gift cards right now through December 8th, you get 4x the fuel points back.  Go Here to read more about the Fuel Point Gift Card Promotion and see which gift cards are including.  The cool thing is if you want you can even buy the gift cards online if you would like and get your gift cards in the mail or as an e-gift card sent to your email.  You will have to sign-up for a Gift Card Mall account which is separate from your Smith’s account. 



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