Rancho Best Grocery Deals November 30-December 6


Click on image above for online Rancho Ad

Plain or Marinated Chicken Leg Quarters 59 cent/lb. (Buy a 40 lb. box for only $18 each)

Regular Banana 3 lbs./$1

Fuji, Gala, Granny or Red Apples 59 cents/lb.

D’anjou Pears 69 cents/lb.

Roma Tomatoes 99 cents/lb.

Burned Peanuts (in shells) $1.99/lb.

Pollock Fish Fillets $1.99/lb.

Oakdell Medium Eggs 30 ct. $3.99

Fanta, Orange, Grape or Strawberry or Sprite or Squirt 2 liter 99 cents

El Mexicano Mexican Style Hominy 105 oz. $2.99 (like seven 15 oz. cans for 43 cents each)

El Mexicano Whole Pinto or Black Beans 29 oz. 99 cents

Great Grains Multigrain, Wheat, Double Fiber, Sourdough, Potato, Hawaiian, Rye or Marble Bread 24 oz. 2 for $3

Vee Bath Tissue 12 pack $2.99

Sugar Donuts 3 for $1

“Piggies” Marrinitos (Bakery Sweet) 4 for $1

Tuesday-Thursday Deals

Oranges 4 lbs./$1

Brown Onions 4 lbs./$1

Italian Parsley 4 for $1

Friday-Saturday Deals

Plantain Banana, Big Taro or Yucca 2 lbs./$1

Persain Limes 2 lbs./$1

Russet Potatoes 10 lb. bag $1.29

FUD Fresh or Low Sodium Cheese $1.99/lb. In-Ad Coupon, Friday December 4th ONLY


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