$25 Gift Certificates for $4.25 Through December 18th (Save at The Mighty Baker, Sub Zero, Sammy’s, Hot Potato, and More)


FYI:  With gift certificates you usually need to spend more then the amount on the gift certificate in order to use it.  For example, with the Sub Zero $10 gift certificate it needs to be used on a purchase of $20 or more.  Keep that in mind when making a purchase and if giving as a gift circle that or let them know.

I don’t know if you have heard of The Mighty Baker but their Instagram Page is totally drool worthy.  The Owner is a baker who has been specializing in wedding cakes, finally decided to open a shop just south of the Provo City Library.  And he is fabulous at much more than cakes:  he makes beautiful stroopwafels, bakewell tarts, cookies and mini pies.

Through tomorrow on you can get a $25 gift certificate to The Mighty Baker for only $4.25.  The only requirement is you a purchase of at least $37.50 to use it.  So for the $4.25 plus the extra $12.50 out of pocket, you can use your gift certificate to get 20 cookies for $16.75.

And don’t miss the Rocco’s $5 Wing Wagon Gift Certificate (Also known for their Tacos: Think Taco Tuesday) for only 85 cents!  These would make amazing stocking stuffers for the people in your life who like to eat out (which is pretty much everybody).

Hot Potato $25 Gift Certificate for $4.25 or $15 Gift Certificate for $2.55

Sub Zero $10 Gift Certificate for $1.70

Sammy’s $10 Gift Certificate for $1.70

And More!



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