Zayon Boneless Chicken Breast for As Low as $1.52/lb.

Our gift to you. 10% OFF Sitewide Sale extended thru Christmas week. Use code HOLIDAY10 at checkout.

Have you heard of Zaycon Fresh?  They are a delivery company that delivers meat fresh from the local farm to the back of your car at great prices.  They only have their chicken event about every 4-5 months so if you want to save the most you really want to stock up.

Back in June,  I volunteered helping check off people’s orders when they arrived and for about 45 minutes of work I got $10 in credit towards my next purchase.  You can also share your referral link and get $5 when they pick up their first order and $1 for every order they pick up after that.

Through the end of this week, when you spend $149 or more you can get 10% off your order making the chicken as low as $1.51 a pound.  CLICK HERE or click on the image above to sign-up and order.  When you order 3 cases (40 pounds each) to get over $149+ it will be $188.60 with tax.

I have a family of five and split one case of chicken with Angie but I really wish I would have ordered at least one case if not two for myself.  I would really like to can some chicken for food storage and many families do that to save money and time.

Some great ways to make your chicken and money stretch are:



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