Subway Text Club: Text OFFERS to 782929


Update:  I was able to use the buy a 30 oz. drink get a 6 inch sub free at the local Springville Subway in Walmart.  It was great, my husband and I both had the coupons on our phones and got dinner for under $4.

Awhile ago, I wrote a post about getting a coupon for a FREE 6-inch sub when you buy a 30 oz. drink.  I am not sure how long that offer is good for.  I received  that coupon after texting OFFERS to 782929.

And if you do not receive that coupon and like to eat at Subway; you still might want to sign up for their text club.   You should still be able to sign-up by texting OFFERS to 782929.  Today I received a coupon for a free 6-inch sub when I buy a 6 inch sub and a drink.  DO NOT CLICK TO REDEEM THE COUPONS UNTIL YOU ARE AT THE REGISTER WITH THE CASHIER.


22 Comments on “Subway Text Club: Text OFFERS to 782929”

  1. Angela Gilliam says:

    How do.I get my free subway sandwich, I love subway sandwiches they are a quick meal when you don’t have time to cook.


  2. Gloria Sutter says:

    We love the turkey sandwich. It’s great and we love the quickNess of the meal.


  3. ProvoSavers says:

    This is a great freebie; let me know if you are still able to get it. You do have to enter your zipcode in to get the coupon.


  4. Martha galvez says:

    Your Subway are the mostrar dilisious good e ver you gus are amazing.You gus rule!


  5. Hi my name is Robbie Williams and I tried to use the coupon gor the free 6inch sandwich and couldn’t use it I also try useing both phone number


  6. Robbie Williams says:

    Please don’t put my phone number out thereI don’t want anyone to have it thank uou


  7. Chylind says:

    Can I get a footlong please for free


  8. Chylind says:

    I got a free footlong this cool


  9. Tammy withey says:



  10. Frank wilson says:

    Frank I can’t to get the sub


  11. Maria Pacheco-Gardea says:

    store # 10768-0


  12. Fran McDonald says:



  13. whitecow says:

    I just got a great SUBWAY offer, join their text club now 2 get ur FREE 6″ w/30oz drink purchase! Then refer 3 friends and get another free sub. You can keep doing that as many times as you want.


  14. […] My husband and I went to Subway the other day to use our latest mobile coupon, which was a great one for buy one 30 oz. drink get a 6-inch sandwich for free.  We get text coupons every week and had to use this one.  Sign up for their mobile coupons HERE. […]


  15. Brenda soto says:

    Need help changing my location on my txt club. Please help


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