Harmon’s: 2.5 dozen Medium Oakdell Eggs 2 for $4 – HOT DEAL!

Click on image above to see online ad

Now through January 20th at Harmon’s Grocery Store, you can buy Oakdell Medium Eggs (2.5 dozen or 30 count) 2 for $4.  That is under $1 per dozen!!!!   Egg prices have been so high lately we have not seen prices like this since I do not know when.  Eggs usually last a couple of weeks past their sell by date so check the expiration dates.

You can also freeze eggs.  Eggs are an inexpensive source of protein so plan them into your meals.  Make quiche, frittatas, omelets, egg salad, or serve for breakfast or breakfast for dinner.  You can also use it as an excuse during these colder months to get some baking in and stock your freezer.

If you are looking to price match I do not believe Wal-mart carries this brand or size of eggs but Lolo’s might.  At Lolo’s just make sure you CLICK ON THE IMAGE above to show them the online ad and pricing.


One Comment on “Harmon’s: 2.5 dozen Medium Oakdell Eggs 2 for $4 – HOT DEAL!”

  1. […] go to their online store ad and see their prices and what is included.  And don’t forget the big packages of Oakdell Eggs are still at the incredible price of 2.5 dozen for […]


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