Look for New Blue Doors on Center Street (Plus Update on Free Friday Cupcakes)


Go to the Sweet Tooth Fairy’s Instagram Page to get a sneak peek on the new store that will be opening, on Center Street next to Unhinged, TOMORROW.  What a perfect location next to the New Provo City Center Temple!  Be sure to stop by and say hi and try one of their delicious confections.  We love their cookies and Strawberry Cupcakes.

One update is the Free American First Credit Union Cupcakes (what we like to call Cougar Cupcakes) are now only  available on the last Friday of the month.  So January 29th, at their new location in Provo, is the next day for a FREE cupcake.  The AFCU cupcakes should be available at all their Utah locations; just call to make sure.

It's Cupcake Friday!! America First Credit Union is GIVING AWAY AMERICA FIRST SIGNATURE CUPCAKES while supplies last! #AFCUpcake UTAH: You can pick up your cupcake at each of The Sweet Tooth Fairy locations!  NEVADA: America First is giving away 50 cupcakes at our Las Vegas Montecito Smith's Branch! You can also stop by the The Cupcakery Las Vegas Summerlin or Eastern locations!:


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