Smith’s Top Ten Deals- January 20-26


Kroger 6-8 oz Slices or Shredded Cheese $1.67

Powerade 32 oz Sports Drinks 59 cents

Mix and Match 6 Sale (you can mix and match in groups of 6 of the following to get the price listed below)

General Mills Cereal $1.49

Kraft 1.9-2.39 oz Easy Mac Cups or American Beauty 12-16 oz Pasta 49 cents

Pringles 5.32-6.42 oz 99 cents

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish 6-8 oz 99 cents

Sun 45.4 oz Liquid Laundry Soap with Oxi 99 cents

Kleenex Facial Tissues 50-160 ct 99 cents

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Blocks and Tubs $1.49

Minute Maid 59 oz or 64 oz Sunny Delight Juice Drinks 99 cents

Dreyer’s Ice Cream 48 oz or Nestle Frozen Treats 4-12 ct $2.99

Banquet Pot Pies 7 oz 49 cents

Oreo Cookies 10.1-15.35 oz $2.49

Ziploc Storage Containers 2-8 ct $1.99



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