Rancho Top Deals – February 29-March 6


Oranges 5 lbs./$1

Russet Potatoes 8 lb. bag 99 cents

Red or Black Plums 99 cents/lb.

Spinach 2 bunches for $1

Green Cabbage 2 lbs./$1

Red Apples 2 lbs./$1

Pineapple $1.99 each

ShurSavings Napkins 160 ct. 89 cents

Shur Savings Bath Tissue 4 pack 79 cents

Shur Savings Paper Towels 2 for $1

Great Grains Multigrain, Wheat, Double Fiber, Sourdough, Potato, Hawaiian, Rye or Marble Bread 24 oz. 2/$3

Tuesday-Thursday Deals

5 lb. bag of Carrots $1.99

Fresh Tomatillo 3 lbs./$1

Friday-Sunday Deals

Large Cucumber 3 for $1

Brown Onion 4 lbs./$2

Radish, Fresh Cilantro, or Mexican Onion 4 for $1




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