Lolo’s Top Deals March 28-April 2


Fresh Bulk Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.47/lb. (Super Saver Pack)

Bone-In Pork Sirloin Roast 97 cents/lb.

Earthbound Farm 1 lb. Package Organic Salad $3.48

Western Family or Natural Directions 16 oz. Salsa 4/$5

Gatorade 32 oz. 67 cents (Limit 12)

Yoplait Yogurt 38 cents (When you buy 10)

Romaine, Green or Red Leaf Lettuce 68 cents

Western Family 24 oz. Pasta Sauce 88 cents

Western Family 6 ct/4 oz. cups Applesauce 2/$3

Top Ramen 6 pack 68 cents (When you buy 10)

Fritos or Cheetos 7-9.75 oz. Chips 3/$5 (When you buy 3)

Friday, April 1 is Lolo’s ONE DAY Meat Sale!





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