Allen’s Top Deals- April 18-25


Western Family 6 oz Yogurt 3/$1

Western Family 12 oz Bacon $1.99

Western Family 32 oz Medium Cheddar Cheese $3.99

Western Family 16 oz Cottage Cheese 88 cents

Malt O Meal 18-36 oz Bagged Cereal $1.99

Western Family 16 oz Butter $2.50

Grandma Sycamore 24 oz White or Wheat Bread $2

Extra Lean Ground Beef 93/7 fat $2.97/lb

Western Family 18 pk Large Grade AA Eggs $1.89

Western Family 6-8 oz Sliced or Shredded Cheese $1.67

One FREE Creamies 6 ct. Cookies and Cream with the purchase of Two 6 ct. Creamies (2 for $5)


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