This week’s Top Grocery Deals – April 28th, 2016

grocery bag

Allen’s Top Ten Deals- April 25- May 2

Fresh Market Top Deals – April 25- May 2

Lolo’s Market Closing Deals- Final Week

Maceys Top Deals- April 25- May 2

Rancho Top Deals April 25- May 1

Ream’s Top Deals- April 25-30

Ridley’s $5 Friday Top Deals- April 29

Ridley’s 2 Day Produce Sale-April 29-30

Smith’s Top Deals– April 26- May 3

Sprout’s Top Deals- April 27- May 4

Sprouts 72 hr Top Deals-April 29- May 1 

Living in the Provo Area, you can shop at 2-4 stores and get the deals or you can price match at Lolo’s or Walmart. See our post, How to Get the Best Deals on Groceries Without Using Coupons, for more details on ad matching


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