Mother’s Day Gift Ideas With Thought



Mother’s Day is only a few days away and you have not decided on anything for your Mom or Mother-in-law.  If you are like me you might have been thinking about it off and on for the past couple of weeks but have yet to decide on anything.  I am not the best gift giver it is something I am working on.  I often know what the PERFECT gift (what they really have been dreaming of) would be but I cannot realistically fit it into our budget and then I get stressed and end up buying a less thoughtful gift last minute.

  1. An 8×10 Picture of your Family (in a frame) and a card.  Right now through May 7th, Walgreens is offering a FREE 8×10 Photo Print when you use the code FREEGIFTPIC.  You can also opt for Free In-store Pickup.  This is not available on mobile; you need to use a computer to order.  People are saying they have been able to order more then one.


2. Discounted Gift Cards at Macey’s and Reams.  When you buy $50 in select gift cards you instantly get $10 off.  Last weekend, my Aunt was asking me what she could buy my Grandma for Mother’s Day.  I remembered that frequently on $5 Tuesdays my Grandma and her friend go see a movie at the Larry H. Miller Theatre in Vineyard.  I suggested she get her a gift card to the movies since she already goes.  Think about a place your mom frequents and get her a gift card/certificate to save her some money.

3. Chocolate.  Possibly make a yummy chocolate dessert like a Texas Sheet Cake or Chocolate Cheesecake.  Or if they do not like chocolate, make a lemon dessert or something else they will love to eat.


Photo from


4. Custom Trail Mix.  I have recently been following a blogger named Stacy of Humorous Homemaking on Periscope.  She did a scope on trail mix and how she makes it for her family with things they like.  This would be a fun way to make a thoughtful treat they are sure to enjoy.  You can even add their favorite cereal to it for a fun twist.


5.  Flowers.  Costco has inexpensive flowers and Smith’s has roses on sale this week $10 for a dozen.  Find out what your Mom’s favorite flowers and take the time to arrange them in a vase or fun container (you can often find a decent vase at the thrift store).  Go to YouTube, if you do not know how to arrange flowers and have fun!




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