Rancho Markets Top Deals June 27-July 3


White Corn 4 for $1

Watermelon 4 lbs./$1

Chicken Leg Quarters Plain or Marinated 59 cents/lb.

Sonora Charcoal 7 lbs. $1.99

Sugar Donuts 4 for $1

Rancho Market Tortilla Chips 3 lbs. $4.99

Brown Onions or Green Cabbage 3 lbs./$1

Red Grapes 99 cents/lb.

Mushrooms 8 oz. Basket or Fresh Coconut 99 cents each

Red Apples 59 cents/lb.

Tuesday-Thursday Deals

Peaches or Nectarines 2 lbs./$1

Limes 3 lbs./$1

Friday-Sunday Deals

Radishes, Green Onions, or Cilantro 3 for $1

Fresh Tomatillos or Jalapenos 2 lbs./$1

Strawberries 1 lb. basket $1.29 each



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