Maceys Top Deals – July 18-25


Stone’s 80/20% Fat Ground Beef Patties $1.99/lb (sold in 5 lb Box for $9.95)

Tyson Family Pack Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.88/lb

Dole 8-12 oz Bagged Salads or Spinach $1.50

Hershey or Mars Standard Size Candy Bars 2/88 cents

Ball Park 2.85 oz Beef Jerky $2.99

Meadow Gold 6 ct Ice Cream Novelties 99 cents (must buy 4)

Oakdell 5 dozen Medium Eggs $3.49

Western Family 12 oz Sliced bacon 2/$5

Western Family 2 lb Loaf or Shredded Cheese $4.99

Yoplait 4-6 oz Yogurt 39 cents

Krusteaz 160 oz Pancake Mix $5.99

Mrs. Butterworths 2pk 64 oz Pancake Syrup $5.99

1 lb Bag Baby Carrots 99 cents

Western Cream Cheese 99 cents

Western Family 6 oz Cheese Slices 3/$5




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