Allen’s Top Deals – August 8-15


Beef Petite Steaks or 85/15 Lean Ground Beef $2.97/lb

Pork Loin Chops $1.47/lb

Rosarita 16 oz Refried Beans or Chef Boyardee 14.75-15 oz Canned Pasta 77 cents

Hunt’s 15-24 oz Pasta Sauce, Ketchup or Manwich 77 cents

Snack Pack 4 pk Gelatin or Pudding Cups 77 cents

Western Family 4.7-16 oz Pasta, Sides or Meals 77 cents

Banquet 4.85-8 oz Entrees 77 cents

Yoplait 4-6 oz Yogurt 10/$4 (must purchase in multiples of 10)

Great Grains Buns, Bread or Bagels $1.50

Kellogg’s 4.72-16 oz or 6-10 ct Cookies, Fruit Snacks or Cheez-Its $1.25 (must buy 6 mix & match)

Keebler 8 ct Sandwich Crackers $1.49 (must buy 6 mix & match)

Western Family Mix or Match Buy 5 Save $5 Sale (must mix or match any of the following items in multiples of 5 to get price listed)

Western Family Gallon Chocolate Milk $1.99

Western Family 32 oz Medium Shredded or Chunk Cheddar Cheese $2.99

Western Family 32 oz Family Pack Saltines $1.49

Western Family 8 oz Cashews or 2.85 oz Jerky $2.99


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