Ridley’s Top Deals September 6-12


**Click here or on the Ridley’s logo to see the actual ad**

Sunshine or Kellogg’s Cheez-it Crackers or Fruit Snacks 6-8 oz. or 10 ct. or Murray Ginger Snaps 16 oz. 2/$3 (When you buy 2)

Hidden Valley Ranch 2/32 oz. Bottles $6.77

Red Baron or Bon Appetit Pizza or Pizza Singles 8.8-23.45 oz. 2/$5 (When you buy 2)

Western Family 24 oz. Greek Yogurt 2/$5

Winding River Farms Berries 64 oz. $7.97 (Great deal on Blueberries)

Yoplait 6 oz. Yogurt 38 cents (When you buy 10)

Western Family 6-8 oz. Parmesan Cheese (Shredded, Grated, or in the Green Bottle) 2/$5

Earthbound Organic Salad 5 oz. $1.78

Dole Salads 4.5-12 oz. 4/$5




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