Macey’s Case Lot Sale -September 5-12


**Click here or on the Maceys logo to see the actual ad**

Western Family 96 oz Apple Juice $1.68

Sparetime Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.69/lb (Sold in 20 lb Case for $33.80)

Stone’s 81% Lean Ground Beef $2.19/lb (sold in 5 lb pkg $10.95)

Campbell’s 10.5 oz  Cream Soups 68 cents

Western Family 15 ct Paper Towels or Petal Soft 18 ct Big Roll Bathroom Tissue $4.98

Western Family 11-15.25 oz Canned Vegetables 2/$1

Shur Saving 11 oz Mandarin Oranges 39 cents

Western Family 15-15.5 oz Canned Beans 2/$1

Western Family 5 oz Chunk Light Tuna 2/$1

Western Family 2 lb Powdered or Brown Sugar 98 cents

V8 Splash 64 oz Juice Blends $1.48

Campbells 14-14.2 oz Spaghetti or Spaghettios 58 cents

Western Family 5 oz Premium Canned Chicken Breast 99 cents

Western Family 25 lb Flour $7.99

Western Family 25 lb Granulated Sugar $8.98

Western Family 42 oz Oats $1.89

Western Family Gallon Vegetable or Canola Cooking Oil $6.99

Western Family 15 oz Chili 89 cents

Western Family 64 oz Peanut Butter $6.49

Hunt’s Pasta Sauce 14.75-15 oz 89 cents

Western Family 10.5 oz Cream Soups 48 cemts

Western Family .6-1.38 oz Seasoning Packets 3/$1

Shur Saving 29 oz Canned Pears or Peaches $1.50

Western Family 24 pk Purified Water 24 pk/16.9 oz Bottles $1.88

Plus much much more… Click here or on the macey’s logo to go to the ad.





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