Macey’s Bake Sale Deals -Sept 26-Oct 3


** Mix and Match any participating products in multiples of 8 to get price listed**

Oakdell 5 dozen Medium Eggs $2.49

Hershey’s 8-12 oz Baking Chips $1.49

Western Family 2 lb Brown or Powdered Sugar 88 cents

Western Family 96 oz Apple Juice or Cider $1.49

Western Family 16 oz Butter $2.49

Western Family 16 oz Regular or Mini Marshmallows 88 cents

Western Family 29 oz Canned Pumpkin $1.29

Western Family 12oz Evaporated Milk 69 cents

Western Family 4 lb Granulated Sugar $1.49

Betty Crocker 18.3 oz Fudge Brownie Mix 79 cents


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