Cinemark Theatres $5 or $1 Tuesdays- Best Day to see new movies


cinemark 5 tuesdays

Ever want to see a new movie but not want to pay the high costs of going to a nice theater? Cinemark 16 at Provo Towne Center and Cinemark University Mall have you covered.  on the weekends you will pay up to $9 a person, but every Tuesday is discount day where admission at any time of the day is just $5. (On all other days the first showing of each movie is a matinée price of $6.25).  Also, if you Sign up for the cinemark email club and you will immediately receive a coupon for a free small popcorn with the purchase of any size drink. In addition Every week, they will send you a new concessions coupon.
cinemark email club Or if you just want to go see a movie that has been out a little longer you can head to Cinemark Movies 8.  Everyday ticket prices are $1.50 (plus $2 more for 3-D movies).  And on Tuesdays, you can go see a movie for $1.


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