Why Provo Savers?

Why start another money saving blog? There are many money saving blogs out there.  However, we have came to see that most of them offer ways to save money on things that you don’t necessarily need or take more time than I have. Also, alot of the deals aren’t local or are out of stock by the time it’s advertised.  We wanted to share our ideas on how we save money on the everyday essentials and needs plus ways you can afford entertainment and eating out in the Provo Area. This sister in law of mine is very talented and I am super excited to work with her on this blog.


Angie and I both have very different lifestyles.  I am stuck at home with four kids 6 and under most days and Angie’s family is on the go from school, church, dance, and sporting events.  Together we have about 23 years of money-saving experience.  For those who can’t get out and score all the deals to the family that is on the go; we want to make it easy and fun for you to SAVE MORE MONEY CLOSE TO HOME.



One Comment on “Why Provo Savers?”

  1. […] the course, Rachel became inspired to share with her local community by creating a blog called Provo Savers that helps Provo families find ways to save money within the local area. Her goal for this project […]


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